Butterfly  Bush  Park   ... Help make this a reality.

One of my goals is to someday create a 20 to 30 acre Butterfly Bush Park consisting of hundreds of butterfly bushes.  The intent is to attract hundreds of butterflies to the park, making sort of a butterfly haven.  The butterfly bushes, sometimes known as summer lilacs, blossom for many months and are extremely attractive to all kinds of butterflies.

Why a Butterfly Bush Park?

There are all kinds of reasons but foremost is that a lot of people are fascinated by butterflies and would undoubtedly just enjoy watching them flutter around in such a large park.  For me personally, it conjures up memories of times spent with my family watching butterflies hover around the butterfly bushes in our backyard.  Imagine the memories people could share with their families.  It would be a delight for people of all ages.

Probably one of the more obvious benefits of creating such a large butterfly bush park would be to provide a source of nutrition for the butterflies as well as other creatures.

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Where would the Butterfly Bush Park be located?

At this point there's no definite location but only an idea of where it would be located.  Ideally it would be located somewhere in the Finger Lakes region in New York.  The picturesque landscape would make a beautiful background for such a park.  The cost of the land may be prohibitive so other areas may have to be considered.

What would the Park look like?

This is currently be worked on.  Please check back in the near future for more details.

Butterfly Bush MonarchMonarch fluttering around a Butterfly Bush             Video of a Monarch fluttering on a Butterfly Bush blossom, © Michael D'Arienzo

   How Can You Help?

   This goal can only become a reality with the generous support of people like you. 
   If you would like to support this effort please browse through the Butterfly Art Gallery and
   purchase a painting or T-Shirt.  If you mention us on your Facebook page it would be

   appreciated as well.

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© Michael D'Arienzo© Michael D'Arienzo                            Monarch on a Butterfly Bush blossom, © Michael D'Arienzo