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Gifts of Love

This site is dedicated to my mother, Irma (McLean) D'Arienzo, who passed away July 31, 2013. Her influence in my life and on my faith has truly made me the person I am today. I love her with all my heart.

art de Michael D'Arienzo

All the artwork featured on this site are original digital paintings, photos and designs created by Michael D'Arienzo either as oil or pencil sketch designs, or in some other art medium.  Although I dabble with sketches of people in some of my art, the subject matter for most of the artwork is typically related to nature, whether it be butterflies, bees, flowers, garden scenes, landscapes, pets or other small animals. This reflects my love of the natural beauty of the simple things in life.  I am so grateful that my mother showed me such an appreciation for flowers and gardening which is why so many of these scenes are prevalent in my art.  But I owe it to my father for fostering a passion in me for art and photography.  While growing up I used to love drawing things like flowers, and sometimes I would even sketch characters from cereal boxes.  Over time I taught myself oil painting and read as much as possible about it.  For a number of years I participated in various arts & crafts festivals and shows and had a lot of fun doing this.  Unfortunately due to allergies I had to eventually give up oil painting.  Luckily my passion for painting was complimented by my love of photography.  I became an avid photographer and over the years have captured thousands of pictures of flowers, landscapes, animals and so many other things.  The interplay of light and shadows, especially with flowers, always fascinated me, and this dynamic is what drives me to create more beautiful pieces of art.  Inspiration came one day when I realized I could combine my love of photography and painting to create paintings that had the same look as oil paint, which is what led me to digital art.  I bought various creative art applications and started learning as much as I could about digital art.  I experimented with various techniques and developed my own personal style.  It is never stagnant and is always evolving into something different.  The presentation onto canvas, metal or glass is another aspect that lends itself to a certain look and feel.  It is my hope that you will get as much satisfaction by my art as I do.  

Michael D'Arienzo