Gifts of Love | Collector Series
The Collector Series is an exclusive series of artwork from Michael D'Arienzo that is featured in vivid color on 15.6 x 20.8 inch glass, conveying a modern artistic look and feel. Each digital painting and each photo in this collection is limited to either 100 or 200 glass reproductions and will be numbered accordingly. An elegant black border is featured on some of the glass artwork to add striking contrast and enhance the overall composition, whereas other ones are presented on a white background to exhibit a 3-dimensional look and feel.

Due to this series being limited to either 100 or 200 glass reproductions of each artwork it is advantageous to order earlier rather than later because there will be no more produced after the limit has been reached.

Please note that the watermark shown on the images will not be printed on the artwork when placing an order.
"3 Tulips Bend to Light" © Michael D'Arienzo"Dreaming of Roses" © Michael D'Arienzo"Clothesline Festival in Rochester" © Michael D'Arienzo"Clothesline Festival in Rochester 2" © Michael D'Arienzo"Pink Violet Light" © Michael D'Arienzo"Keuka Lake" © Michael D'Arienzo"Swans on Irondequoit Bay" © Michael D'Arienzo"1876 Homestead" © Michael D'Arienzo"1876 Homestead 2" © Michael D'Arienzo"Joseph's Wayside Market in Naples" © Michael D'Arienzo"Joseph's Wayside Market in Naples 2" © Michael D'Arienzo"Daffodil" © Michael D'Arienzo"Canandaigua Lake" © Michael D'Arienzo"Canandaigua Lake" © Michael D'Arienzo"Chives & Drips" © Michael D'Arienzo"Port of Rochester Sunset" © Michael D'Arienzo"Surreal Rose Dream" © Michael D'Arienzo"Surreal Rose Dream 3D" © Michael D'Arienzo"Grimes Glen" © Michael D'Arienzo"Naples Grape Fest" © Michael D'Arienzo